Reproduction Of Bears:
Bears are among the least productive mammals in North America. Bears generally live solitary lives, but can be found together during mating season. The average breeding age for for a female bear is usually around 3.5 years of age. For a male bear, the breeding age is usually around the same time as a female. The biggest bears usually tend to be the most prolific breeders. Breeding season begins in May and ends around July with mating occurring around June and cubs are born around January or February.

Although all species of bears are technically of the order Carnivora they are essentially omnivores that eat plants, insects, fish and animals. However fish and meat are important sources of protein and fat though most non coastal bears rely on carrion.

Depending on the species and the location, black and grizzly bears often prefer different habitats although both species can overlap. North American bears are creatures of the forest preferring extensive wooded areas with a variety of fruit and nut producing species. Grizzly bears occupy a larger range of habitats. They evolved on the tundra plains south of the ice sheets in Eurasia and are equally at home on the Arctic barren grounds or even on the prairie grasslands.

t's not a surprise that bears don't really have many predators. Bears are very large and can be quite intimidating. Their biggest enemies may be each other and us humans.

Status and Conservation:

Many bears worldwide are facing extinction due to expansion or urban and exurban areas especially the Black Bear. Most Black Bears face challenges because of humans. Consistently available human food and garbage creates the perfect conditions for the human bear conflict in both back country and populated human areas. Wildlife Conservations work to reduce conflicts and promote co existence between bears and humans in order to conserve a healthy beer population. Collaboration with partners resulted in new Bear resistant dumpster laws in both California and Nevada.

Fun Facts About Bears
Types of Bears
Fun Fact Of Bears
Grizzly Bear
A grizzly bear is at least 8 ft tall when standing up on it's back feet
Black Bear
Black bears are the smallest in size of the bear species
Brown Bear
The Brown Bear is one of the two largest terrestrial Carnivorans alive today

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