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Robert M. Siegfried, Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Adelphi University


I have a list of favorite sites, not including the sites linked to home page:


Of interest to computer scientists:

This online comics series should be of interest to anyone considering graduate school:


Autism is a developmental disorder that varies in severity and has become increasingly common. While there is no cure, there are therapies that can help enormously in leading an autistic child to a more normal life. The following sites provide information on autism as well as some leads to finding services in the Long Island area:


Being something of a news junkie, here a few with up to date information worth reading:


Being a Mets fan and Jets fan, I have to have these links:


I check out these pages from time to time:


See how our democratic system works:


These may be of common interest for a variety of reasons:

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