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The Civic Views of Young Adult Minorities (2002-2004).
  A CIRCLE Project



Civic involvement is a powerful opportunity in which young citizens can be more engaged in society.  It provides young citizens with various opportunities to see themselves as contributing members to the community-at-large.  Civic involvement enhances citizenship and civic engagement, allowing young citizens to develop a sense of community as an extension of their identities.  However, for many minority youth, being engaged with society is a more comprehensive, cultural issue than merely voting, joining mainstream member organizations or volunteering through traditional service groups.  The purpose of the qualitative study was to explore how young adult minorities interpret civic engagement, as well as the meaningful processes and actions that emerge from their interpretation. While the study is exploratory and requires further research, there are salient notions emerging from this qualitative analysis. Respondents who were educated to prosocial civic behaviors with caregivers and mentors who modeled civic behaviors and commitments were more likely to exhibit a strong civic identity, positive feelings toward service and politics, and a sustained desire to remain involved in service. This signifies an act of critical consciousness, which is a healthy protective factor.  Respondents with moderate to high external efficacy and regular voting practices and service behaviors are able to define self and attain power and self-direction for one’s own civic and political development.  For additional information, contact Diann Kelly.