Mission and vision

The Hyatt Research Group has the goal of making creative breakthroughs in the area of hypervalent iodine chemistry, publishing the results, maintaining a highly fundable research program, and assisting the undergraduate members with obtaining career goals that have included medical school, graduate programs, and industry positions. Our hypervalent iodine research crosses into the fields of molecular orbital theory, reaction mechanisms, physical organic chemistry, drug design, and the development of new reactions. Undergraduate researchers learn advanced skills and techniques, and use multi-million dollar instrumentation that prepares them for any scientific career they pursue. Specifically, techniques on air/moisture sensitive reactions, column chromatography, 1D, 2D, and heteronuclear NMR, and advanced organic chemistry concepts; but most importantly, how to use critical thinking to solve scientific problems when there is no "solutions manual." I also plan for my students to present at meetings such as the regional and national ACS conventions, and the International Conference on Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry.