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Courses that I teach:

Bio 640 - Graduate Genetics
This course covers classical (Mendelian) and molecular genetics.  Students examine genetic and molecular approaches that are applied toward understanding mechanisms of inheritance.  Students also explore topics of DNA and gene structure, gene expression, mutation, DNA analysis, epigenetics and genomics, especially in relation to various human disease conditions.

Bio 641 - Graduate Genetics Lab

Students participate in a "hands-on" project-based laboratory in which they utilize recombinant DNA and other molecular biological techniques toward research-oriented genetic investigations.

Bio 365 - Cell Biology
Students explore eukaryotic cell biology, learning about the molecular basis of cell structure and function, with emphases on the experimental sources of our knowledge and connections between cell biology and organismal biology (including cellular-based human diseases).  In laboratory, students undertake mini-projects emphasizing the application of cell biological techniques (including data analysis) toward understanding the cellular basis of human diseases.

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