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CRYSTALS 101: A Guide to Healing Crystals for Beginners
You can also click the link above for a guide to crystals from MindBodyGreen

Crystal healing”, simply put, is the healing and balancing of one’s body, mind and energy through healing powers of crystals.  Crystal healing is a superstitious treatment, carried out through a number of methods ranging from intricate to very simple.

Each crystal varies in healing qualities depending on the type of crystal and its shape.

1. Turquoise
Turquoise is a “protection stone” that is said to increase inner calmness, promoting relaxation, in addition to aiding in self-expression, problem solving and immune function.

2. Amethyst

Similar to turquoise, amethysts are said to promote calmness and reduced anxiety, as well as strengthen the immune system. However, they also help with concentration, motivation and hormone balance. Amethysts can also reduce body tensions and increase humility. Of all the healing crystals, amethysts are among the most beneficial, in terms of physical health.

3. Citrine

Citrine is overall beneficial to success. It’s many qualities include promotion of happiness, self esteem, open-mindedness, and creativity. This crystal would ideally be used to improve negative states of mind.

4. Onyx

Onyx is supposedly a stone that promotes strength. It is said to increase the feeling of support as well as happiness and decision making abilities. It’s physical health benefits include healing infections and decreasing inflammation.