Habitat Designing Process

When designing the habitat, start with understanding the space requirements of your pet, and generating rough dimensions (length x breadth x depth). Then identify the place where you want to keep the habitat and the space available.  Merge these two to arrive at the ideal dimensions for the tank and draw a two-dimensional diagram of the habitat.

 Now you have to think about the tank (water, land area, tank decorations, etc.) in three-dimensional space, trying to imagine a fat discus shaped object for your turtle and the space it would have inside the tank - both to swim and on dryland. Try to imagine its view, the obstructions that may occur in its movement, etc and accordingly design the various tank areas and place the decorations.


With the above in mind draw front, side and top views of the tank, and sketch out the tank areas and decorations. This should give you a good idea about the kind of tank and accessories you need.


Its always preferable to create the habitat in stages over 6-10 days. Start with the tank, and basic equipment. Once you get a real feel of the tank add tank accessories, fill water and run all equipment for 2-3 days to make sure everything is functioning. We would advise you introduce 2-3 guppy fishes once you have the basic habitat up and running and observe them for any sickness/disease over 3-4 days before introducing the turtles. As fish are more sensitive and react rapidly, you can modify/correct the habitat before you get the turtles. So the turtles should be the last thing you get, and not the first!