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History of Porsche:

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 - Porsche dates back to 1948

 - Founded by Ferdinand Porsche and started with only 200 workers

 - The first Porsche model was introduced later on in 1948. It was named the Porsche 356 and they only produced 52 cars.  

 - In 1952, the Porsche logo was brought out into the US market
 - In 1953, Porsche released their first car specifically designed for motor racing : the 550 Spyder.

 - In 1956, the company's 25th anniversary was celebrated, with it's 10,000th 356 leaving the factory.

 - In 1974, Porsche showcased the 911 Turbo, which was the world's first sports car produced with an exhaust turbocharger.

 - In 1984, Porsche Cars North America was created and became the main importer of Porsche vehicles for the US.

 - In 1996, Porsche hits their 1 millionth car produced

 - In 2009, the Porsche Museum opens next to the headquarters in Zuffenhausen

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logo history

 - The Porsche logo has remained slightly the same for 60 years now

 - The crest represents the The Free People's State of W├╝rttemberg's coat of arms

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