Math 113 - Survey of Statistics
Spring 2018


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  • The Code of Academic Honesty
    • The code of academic honesty prohibits behavior, which can broadly be described as lying, cheating, or stealing. Violations of the code of academic honesty will include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. Fabricating data or citations 2. Collaborating in areas prohibited by the professor 3. Unauthorized multiple submission of work 4. Sabotage of others’ work, including library vandalism or manipulation 5. Plagiarism: presenting any work as one’s own that is not one’s own 6. The creation of unfair advantage 7. The facilitation of dishonesty 8. Tampering with or falsifying records 9. Cheating on examinations through the use of written materials or giving or receiving help in any form during the exam, including talking, signals, electronic devices, etc.

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