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I mentioned this tab in just about all the other ones so here it is everything about quirks.

As mentioned in the main page, most people have quirks. Quirks can range from something small and simple like being able to bring small objects to you, to being able to disintegrating anything they touch, to creating anything they know the makeup of out of their body fat, and everything in-between. There are no limits to what a quirk can be. Some quirks affect someone’s appearance. This happened to Todoroki, giving him his signature red and white hair.

Since quirks are generally hereditary, some people get married in order to have a kid with the best combination of quirks, this type of mirage gave us Todoroki.

Quirks generally appear  when  someone is four or five years old.  The way to tell if someone will be quirkless, meaning they will never naturally get a quirk of there own, is to see if they have two joints in their pinky toes, if they do, they will not get a quirk, those with quirks have only one joint in that toe (“Quirk,” n.d.)

There is a limit to how much a quirk can do. Every quirk has a limit based on the physical capacity of the individual.


Todoroki’s quirk

His quirk is called: Half-Cold  Half-Hot.

You may have noticed from the picture of him that the left side of his hair is red and the right side is white. That is because of his quirk. The left side of him, up until the end of season two he doesn’t use that side, because his fire is the quirk he inherited from his father, whom he despises. He relied on his right side, the side that controlled and created ice.

His doesn’t really have limitations on his quirks as long as he switches which part of his quirk he’s using. If his body is starting to freeze from using too much ice he can use his fire to heat himself up. And if he’s over heating  he can use his ice to cool down(“Shoto Todoroki,” n.d.)


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