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Top 5 Places to Visit in New York
New York has many places to visit, but here are just the top 5 places you should visit while you are here.

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Central Park

Take a stroll, walk or run in New York City's largest outdoor park in the center of the city.
Welcoming to all ages and a perfect place to break away from the bustling, busy city while being only a few feet away from it.
Central Park-homepage

Times Square

Get amazed by all the lights and screens Time Square has to offer. Be a part of one of the most
visited tourist attractions in the world surrounded by world famous stores, restaurants and entertainment.
times square- homepage

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is composed of 14 buildings from 48th street to 51st street between 5th and 6th avenue.
Fall in love with Rockefeller's holiday wonderland during Christmas with its' legendary tree, flags from around the world and ice skating rink.
You don't want to miss out on the adventure of being on top of the Rock, where you'll see with you own eyes New York City's skyline.
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9/11 Memorial

September 11, 2001 is a day American's will always remember. In tribute to all the lives lost and the fall
of the twin towers, two massive pool fountains, the memorial museum and the freedom tower were made. Take the time
to visit such a powerful and meaningful place to New Yorker's.
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Statue of Liberty

Ride on a boat and sail to Liberty Island to see the universal symbol of freedom and democracy up close,
 known as the Statue of Liberty for a small cost. If you just want to see it, you can see it at a further distance and for free by taking the Staten island ferry.
It is a site filled with beauty, history and so much more that you don't want to miss.
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Helpful Tips About These Places
Hours of Operation
Central Park
It is between 5th ave and 8th ave from 59th street to 110th street
West Side: A, C, B, D
East Side: N, R, W, Q, 4, 5,6
Times Square
It is between Broadway and 7th ave from 42nd  street to 47th street
24 hours
1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, Q, R, W
It is between 5th and 6th ave from 48th street to 51st street
To visit Rockefeller center
is free but to go on top on the rock,
the price ranges from $28 to $75

B, D, F, M
9/11 Memorial
180 Greenwich Street
To visit the memorial is free but if you
want to visit the museum the price
will range from $18 to $24
A,C,1,2, 3, J, Z, 4, 5, E, R,
Statue of Liberty
Liberty Island
If you want to visit Liberty Island the price
will range from $16 to $25.50. If you want to
take the Staten Island Ferry it is free.
No trains go to Liberty Island ONLY

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