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As I write this (a week before classes start), I envision five homework assignments, each worth 10% of the semester grade, a midterm worth 20%, and a final exam worth 30%. I may change this somewhat as the semester unfolds.

Exams must be taken at the scheduled time, unless arranged in advance or prevented by a documented medical or family emergency. If you have three or more exams scheduled on the same date, or a religious holiday that conflicts with an exam or assignment due date, please notify me in writing within the first two weeks of the semester in order to receive due consideration. Exams not taken without one of the above excuses will be recorded with a grade of 0.

Homework and programming assignments will be accepted late, with a penalty of 1/3 per 24 hours or portion thereof after they're due. An hour late is 33% off, 25 hours late is 67% off, and after 48 hours don't bother turning it in. It's still a good idea to do as much of it as you can, however, because I'll assume on the exams that you've done the homework.

Some of the homework assignments will require that you write programs in assembly language. Programs are not abstract works of art, they are supposed to run and solve real problems. So if I get a program that doesn't assemble, or a program that has little or nothing to do with the problem I assigned, I will give it a zero, no matter how much time you put into it. Don't bother turning in a program you haven't tested yourself.

Dr. Stephen Bloch
Tue Sep 17 14:29:39 EDT 1996