Excel Inventory Assignment Help


General Help:

mathematical operators: plus (+), minus (), divide (/), multiply (*), exponent (^),

formatting helps: percent (%), and dollar sign ($)

IF operators: uses not, and, or, =, <,<=,<>,>=,>

Highlight all the lines you want to sort (and not the titles). Choose the menu's Data / Sort and then in the first "sort by" choose the column with type in it. In the second "sort by" choose the column with last name in it.

Center the month name
Then, select all the cells in which you want to center the month name and merge them by choosing format / cells and then choosing the alignment tab and then checking merge cells. Then, you can center your text in that one cell by pressing the center button on the toolbar. (If you find your text has disappeared off the page, it is probably centered way over the right, you want to unmerge by selecting that cell and choosing format / cell / alignment and unchecking the merge cells box. You probably selected to merge the entire row instead of just the cells you wanted.)

Join 2 cells together in another cell:

In the cell you want the full name to appear, type "=" so Excel knows a formula is coming. Click on the first cell you want to see, which will bring that cell's address into your formula. (You will now have something like =A3.) Now type the & sign (SHIFT seven). You can now insert the space between the two names by typing " ", (double quotes with a space between, so Excel will include the literal of a space). Now tell Excel more is coming by typing another &. Then click on the last name for the row. (You will now have something like =A3&" "&B3)

Fit to 1 page wide

Choose file / page setup and the page tab. Click the button next to "fit to". Since you want to restrict the width to 1 page, ensure 1 is next to "pages wide". Since you do not want to restrict the number of pages, enter 99 next to "tall".

Put in a heading of your name and a footer of page, date and filename.

Choose file / page setup and the header/footer tab. Click on custom header. Enter your name. Choose custom footer. Click on the page number button for page number. Click on the date button for date. Click on the excel button for the filename.