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MOUSE Squad is an innovative youth development program. It prepares and supports students in establishing and managing leading edge technical support help desks in their schools. MOUSE Squad improves a school’s ability to use technology to enhance learning, while also providing a powerful, hands-on 21st century learning experience for students. My school's MOUSE Squad team played an important part in maintaining all the technology we had in our classrooms.

I helped design several posters and banners for the MOUSE Squad team. I created the design for their Senior hoodies. I also designed and printed their MOUSE Squad IDs. Although I wasn't technically a part of MOUSE Squad or A+ Computer Repair, it was a home outside of Graphic Communications. I met my best friends in these two amazing programs. I'm incredibly grateful for them.
Click here to learn about A+ Computer Repair. Click on their logo to learn more about MOUSE Squad. Click on the rest of the images to enlarge them.
MOUSE logo

MOUSE Banner

Bell Poster 1
Bell Poster 2

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A+ Hoodie Logo Blue
A+ Hoodie Logo White
A+ Hoodie Logo Black


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