Joseph's Log

"It has become clear that the Aperture complex will be unusable, as long as GLaDOS is still alive. On one hand, the help of an AI is a huge boost for our research. I doubt we could ever complete the Project before Black Mesa without her. On the other hand, her total lack of morality makes her a monster - a cold, calculating beast. Science is all she knows, and the few of us left are nothing but her lab rats. Her Morality core is flawed; I'm certain every system put in place can be overridden by pure human rationalization. It's only a matter of time. I've managed to escape the facility and have traveled here. This old mine is in what can only be described as the middle of nowhere, and should be suitable for research. I've worked with a team of six programmers on a workaround. We can read her brain and test the device ourselves without her knowledge. If we can keep everyone out of our main facility, we can use her help without her inhumane tendencies."
That's what I thought, what I planned, and what I dreamed just over three years ago. I was right, of course. I always am. Now, the dream is that much closer to becoming a reality. Construction is almost complete. Mechanical labor is a help, and the lack of laws made it that much easier to expedite. There are no fines where there is no government. We're ready to start the servers for the first time. We've nicknamed the project "GLaDOS-b". Our operatives in Black Mesa confirm that they have no knowledge of Aperture Science East, as it's come to be known. We also have reason to believe GLaDOS has created a functioning prototype of the Device. This is an exciting day, but not without risk. We all know what happened last time, and we're not making that mistake again. I stand by the generator, switch in hand.

Andrew's log:

i don't have much time. this is for anyor who needs to get out NOW. she's taken over. it didnt work and now were all screwed. ive found a truck sitting at loading bay 14. all the vents have ben sealed and the doors r blocked. im turning of the power aftr this by breking the generator. she cant get me this way. if u want to get out, get over here. ill wait 5 hours, then im driving the hell out of here. she's clever, sheel find a way to get me if i stay any longer. bay 14 is over by chamber 3 near teh botom of the mountan. stay safe and if i dont make it tell christie i love her.

Sarah's log:

DAMN IT. She's breached my firewall. So much for being the greatest software engineer at Aperture. I wrote her, and I should be able to destroy her. A code injection didn't work the first time, but I suspect she just didn't read it. Here goes nothing, I guess. I left this vulnerability in the log system for exactly this reason, and by God do I plan to use it! $.exec(permissions.ID, pwd="te8bUF2#haMXEl4"){core.morality.doSelfShutdown(perm=TRUE,killall=TRUE,reboot=FALSE);}

Well, the fact that she's still alive proves that she either won't or can't read these logs. I suppose I'll elaborate. It's been three days since my last entry. The security feeds are all empty. There are no signs of movement anywhere in the facility. That makes sense, I suppose. I've found a little place where the cameras can't reach and can only assume anyone else alive in the building is hiding as well. The last thing any of us need is for her to find a living human guinea pig. Speaking of which, someone seems to have shut off the apartment subnet. I can't access anything over there. I think Kevin might be alive. He built this network, and last I heard from him, he was heading over there to double check the network before the big launch. There's always hope. I might head that way if I can do it safely. For now, it looks like I will need to lay low from the system. She's revoked my administrator privileges and changed most of the passwords. I guess it doesn't matter how much security Alice sets up when Eve is an insane computer faster and more powerful than ever known, who may have taken Bob hostage.

It's been two months since I last typed here, by the server clock's count at least. She could be manipulating it, but I nor anyone else here could probably tell. Kevin is dead. She killed him in front of me. She gave him a Device and forced him through the course. Chamber six. I heard him coming from my hideout here. I crept out to see what was going on and found him falling through the air. The portal closed. His head hit the ground. I couldn't bear to watch. She was watching me, though. I didn't notice anything in the cold camera staring through me, but I could see through her circuits and wires to her evil heart behind. "Kill me now!" I thought, looking down as she cleaned his body from the floor. She had only to move the piston above me to do it, but she didn't. I finally gained the courage to return to my hideout. It can no longer serve that function. It's a prison. The door is locked. Every time I wake up, I find food and a moderately clean floor. I know what comes next. I've seen it done to some of the others. They fall asleep and wake up in a Relaxation Vault with an orange jumpsuit and robotic legs.