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Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2024
Speaker: Prof. William Dunham
Research Associate in Mathematics
Bryn Mawr College
Email: bdunham AT brynmawr DOT edu
Title: The Math Matriarchs of Bryn Mawr
Abstract: Over its first 50 years, Bryn Mawr College boasted three remarkable mathematicians who, one after the other, left deep footprints on the institution and on the U.S. mathematical community. They were Professors Charlotte Angas Scott (British), Anna Pell Wheeler (American), and Emmy Noether (German). In this lecture, we meet these women and flesh out their biographies with plenty of local color … not to mention a real-life assassin in a supporting role. From 1885 to 1935, they gave Bryn Mawr a record of women in mathematics unsurpassed by any college, anywhere.