The next talk in the Colloquium Series is:

Date: Wednesday, May, 1 2019
Speaker: Prof. Eisso Atzema
Department of Mathematics
University of Maine
eisso DOT atzema AT maine DOT edu
Title: Ferdinand Engel (1805-1866) and his Models of the Fresnel Wave Surface
Abstract: Clearly, the turn of the 19th century was the golden age of the production of mathematical models and their use for educational purposes. The interest in mathematical models as a visualization aid, however, goes at least as far back as the first half of the 19th century. In this talk, I will discuss the early history of the visualization of mathematical surfaces and the manufacturing of physical models for such surfaces, culminating in a discussion of the work of Christian Gottlieb Ferdinand Engel (Magdeburg,1805-New York, 1866). In particular, I will discuss his prize-winning plaster models of the Fresnel Wave Surface still on display at the University of Mississippi. Along the way, I will talk about his work under Gustav Magnus at the University of Berlin and under Alexander Bache at the Coastal Survey in Washington DC.