The Euler Society's Mission

The mission of The Euler Society is threefold: It encourages scholarly contributions examining the life, research, and influence of Euler. In part, these will be set within his times, that is, within the Enlightenment, the rise to European power status of Russia and Prussia, and the growth of royal science academies. The Euler Society will also explore current studies in the mathematical sciences that build upon his thought. And it will promote translations into English of selections from his writings, including correspondence and notebooks, in leading up to the tercentenary of his birth in 2007.

We believe that the Euler Society can become significant in historical studies of modern mathematics, related Enlightenment research, and possibly science policy. We also anticipate from initial response that the society will draw a collegial and challenging group of members from academe, corporations, and governments, making discoveries in Euler scholarship. Participating in the society should be fun. We project recruiting at least sixty to a hundred members in the first year. This will make us comparable to the early stages of societies for Goethe, Kant, Lessing, Mozart, and Wittgenstein, each of which has helped forward many careers of young scholars in their specialty.