Quantum & Nonlinear Optics Facilities

Quantum Entanglement Source & Detector

Compact blue laser source pumps a nonlinear crystal

Two IDENTICAL red photons are created when one blue photon is destroyed

Extremely sensitive detectors measure the arrivals of the individual red photons

Quantum statistics of the detections are captured by computer

Nanosecond Tunable Laser Source

Generates intense pulses (100s of MWs) across entire visible spectrum and well into infrared

Ideal for studying interactions of light with matter

Currently used for the study of quantum dots

Digital CCD Camera & Beam Profiler

14-bit digitization (16,384 levels) provides extremely accurate laser beam measurements

Can capture even very short laser pulses using triggering capabilities

Small (4.65 micron square) pixel sizes allow high resolution imaging

Can image into the ultraviolet and well into the infrared in addition to the visible