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Oolong Tea Benefits have been quite well-known for generations of people in the Orient but has only been lately taken cognizance by people in the West.

Oolong Tea, also sometimes spelled as Wu Long Tea, comes from the camellia sinensis plant that is the source of all true teas. However, oolong tea undergoes some degree of oxidation or fermentation that consequently places it between the green and black tea varieties. Oolong tea ranges from 10% to 70% oxidation.

The semi-oxidized oolong tea has a taste closer to that of green tea, though it does not have the distinctive grassy tang of green tea. Oolong tea has a dark brownish color.

Oolong Tea BenefitsOolong tea can be consumed directly after production. The most common type of this kind is the pu-erh tea. However, many also opt to let the oolong tea undergo longer aging time to make it more gentle on the stomach.

There are several types of oolong teas. Among these are:

Many of the health benefits of oolong tea are similar to those of green tea. Though the degree of oxidation somewhat trims down some of its health benefits, oolong tea is nevertheless still one of the healthiest beverage you can enjoy as it also contains the polyphenols that act as antioxidants against free radicals in the body.

Some of oolong tea health benefits are as follows: