Syllabus - P260 - Engineering Thermodynamics - Spring 2002 - Dr. H.F. Ahner

T & R 12:15p.m. - 1:30p.m.

The macroscopic study of temperature, energy and entropy on the intermediate level.

Text: Heat and Thermodynamics, 7th Edition, Zemansky & Dittman, McGraw Hill, 1997.

Tentative Schedule:

T 1/29 Ch. 1 Temperature and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

R 1/31

T 2/5 Ch. 2 Simple Thermodynamic Systems

R 2/7

T 2/12 Ch. 3 Work

R 2/14

T 2/19

R 2/21 Ch. 4 Heat and the First Law of thermodynamics

T 2/26

R 2/28

T 3/5 Ch. 5 Ideal gas

R 3/7

T 3/12 Ch. 6 The Second Law of thermodynamics

R 3/14

T 3/19

R 3/21 Ch. 7 The Carnot Cycle and the Thermodynamic Temperature Scale



T 4/2

R 4/4 Ch. 8 Entropy

T 4/9

R 4/11

T 4/16 Ch. 9 Pure Substances

R 4/18

T 4/23

R 4/25 Ch. 10 Mathematical Methods

T 4/30

R 5/2 Ch. 11 Open Systems and Phase Transitions

T 5/7

R 5/9

T 5/14 FINAL AS SCHEDULED BY REGISTRAR 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Grading: Grades, for students who submit most of the homework on time [homework is due and accepted only at the class after it was assigned], will be determined by the better of 1) the average of their homework, their surprise quiz average score and the two exams (each weighted equally) or 2) the average of their surprise quiz average score with their two exam scores. In addition, if they wish, these students may retest once on the midterm material. Students who do not submit homework on time may not retest on the midterm material. Absences: Absences in excess of three will result in the lowering of the average grade by one notch. Lateness will result in a student missing the surprise quiz for that day.

A-= 90,91; A=92-95; A+= 96,or higher

B- =80,81; B=82-87; B+=88,89

C-=70,71; C=72-77; C+=78,79

D-=60,61; D=62-67; D+=68,69

F = 59 and lower.


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