0144-157-001 - Linear Algebra - Fall 2000

MW 2:25-4:05pm, BUS 209 - Syllabus -- Dr. H. F. Ahner

Text: Elementary Linear Algebra, Anton, Wiley (latest edition)

Goals for student learning:

You will learn to solve

Applications to solution of Differential Equations

Use of Matrix Decomposition Methods for Numerical Solutions

Complex Vector Space Analysis

Applications to Specific Subject Areas.

You will learn a practical use of each topic in addition to a conceptual understanding of it.

Suggested Learning Behaviors:

Expect "surprise" quizzes

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE - We will work through the text in order from the beginning. So, the next topic we will be talking about will always be obvious to you. The pace will depend on the rate of mastery of the material. We will review problems at the beginning of each class, as necessary. Class meetings and likely exam dates follow:

W 9/6

M 9/11

W 9/13

M 9/18

W 9/20

M 9/25

W 9/27 EXAM 1

M 10/2

W 10/4

M 10/9 - No classes

W 10/11

M 10/16

W 10/18

M 10/23

W 10/25 EXAM 2

M 10/30

W 11/1

M 11/6

W 11/8

M 11/13

W 11/15

M 11/20

W 11/22 EXAM 3

M 11/27

W 11/29

M 12/4

W 12/6

M 12/11

W 12/13

M 12/18- FINAL EXAM AS SCHEDULED BY REGISTRAR FROM 3:30-5:30 p.m. will consist of two parts (the first hour will be EXAM 4 and the second hour will be an opportunity to retake the exam you scored lowest on during the semester)


The Average of your best score on the 4 exams you took will be assigned a final letter grade according to the following scheme:

All other class activities (surprise quizzes, participation, ...) will be used to resolve situations were an average falls on a borderline between two grades.

Office: Blodgett 8C, in Physics Department Suite
Office Hours:

e-mail: ahner@adelphi.edu.

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