CSC 371
Systems I

Instructor: Dr. Stephen Bloch
Fall, 1996

This course meets from 3:05-4:20 PM TTh in Business 39. The textbook will be A Programmer's View of Computer Architecture, by James Goodman and Karen Miller. It comes with a software package named SPIMSAL, which simulates a MIPS RISC computer at the assembly-language level.

The syllabus is available in LaTeX, DVI, Postscript, and HTML.

A schedule of lectures tells what I plan to talk about, and what I expect you to have read, by each class meeting.

Homework assignments

Homework 1, assigned 12 Sept, due 26 Sept
problems 1.8,1.11,1.12,1.13,1.14,2.3,2.7,2.12 in the textbook.
Solutions available in DVI and Postscript.
Homework 2, assigned 1 Oct, due 10 Oct
problems 3.4,3.10,3.12,4.5,4.9,4.10,4.11 in the textbook.
Homework 3, assigned 22 Oct, due 12 Nov (postponed to 19 Nov)
Do, but don't turn in, as many as possible of the drills at the end of Chapter 5. See whether you get the same answers as your classmates.
Chapter 6: Do (and turn in!) problems 6.10,6.11,6.13, and the following: "You are given a sorted list of positive floating-point numbers to add up. Should you add them in increasing order, decreasing order, or doesn't it matter? Why?"
Chapter 7: problems 7.1,7.7,7.11, and 7.14.
Homework 4, assigned 19 Nov, due 10 Dec.
problems 8.1,8.3,8.4,8.7,
problems 9.1,9.4,9.8.

Reading assignments

By Thursday, 21 Nov, you should have read through chapter 8 of the Goodman & Miller textbook.

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