MTH 355
Symbolic Logic

Dr. Stephen Bloch
Fall, 2001

This course meets from 3:05-4:20 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays in Alumnae Hall, room 2 (off the breezeway between Alumnae and Harvey).

The syllabus will be available in LaTeX, DVI, and Postscript, and HTML.

A schedule of lectures tells what I plan to talk about, and what I expect you to have read, by each class meeting.


We're using the textbook Language Proof and Logic, by Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy.

I've used earlier editions of this textbook in Fall 1997 and Summer 1996, and was quite happy with it. It comes with a CD-ROM containing the full text of the textbook as well as several software packages which you'll need in order to do and turn in your homework. The software should run on both Macintosh or Windows machines; you're free to use whichever you prefer. Printed on the CD-ROM envelope is your "Book ID#", which you'll need in order to make use of the automatic grading software, so don't lose it.

Homework assignments

Reading assignments

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