CSC 344
Algorithms and Complexity

Dr. Stephen Bloch

Spring, 2003

This course meets from 10:00-10:50 MWF in Business 218.

The textbook Analysis of Algorithms: an Active Learning Approach, by Jeffrey J. McConnell, is required. It's been ordered by the Adelphi bookstore; it's probably also available for slightly less money from, Barnes & Noble, and

You should already have the syllabus on paper. I'll have it up on this Web page shortly, as well as a calendar of topics, reading and homework assignments.

An updated schedule will contain the latest updates to homework due dates, lecture topics, etc. Please check the schedule regularly and keep up on the assigned reading!

Homework Assignments

I shall assign several homework assignments during the semester, a mix of "analysis on paper" assignments, programming assignments, and pseudocode assignments.

Reading assignments

Getting Help

My office hours (in Alumnae Hall 113A) are

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