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This class meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:25 to 10:40 AM, except on University holidays or if I cancel class. All dates in the following schedule are tentative, except those fixed by the University; if some topic listed here as taking one lecture in fact takes two lectures to cover adequately, or vice versa, the schedule will shift.

I expect you to have read the reading assignments before the lecture that deals with that topic; this way I can concentrate my time on answering questions and clarifying subtle or difficult points in the textbook, rather than on reading the textbook to you, which will bore both of us. Please read ahead!

Date(s) Assignment Reading Lecture Subject
23 Jan Administrivia, ``what is this course about?''
28 Jan 1 Proofs and proof techniques
30 Jan 2 Problems vs. instances, average vs. worst case, etc.
4 Feb skim 12.1--12.4 Lower bounds and proof techniques
6 Feb HW1 3 Asymptotic notation
7 Feb Last day to add courses
11 Feb 4.1--4.5 Analyzing basic control structures
13 Feb 4.6 Amortized analysis
18 Feb 4.7 Recurrence relations
20 Feb HW1 due 5.1--5.5 Basic data structures
21 Feb Last day to drop courses
25 Feb 5.6 Associative tables & hashing
27 Feb 5.7--5.8 Heaps
4 Mar 5.9 Disjoint sets and union/find data structures
6 Mar Catch up and review for midterm
11 Mar Midterm exam
13 Mar 6.1--6.4 Greedy algorithms
18 Mar 6.5--6.6 Knapsack and scheduling algorithms
20 Mar HW2 Discuss midterm
21 Mar Last day to withdraw from classes
25--27 Mar Spring break --- no classes
1 Apr 7.1--7.4 Divide-and-conquer, sorting
3 Apr 7.5 Selection and medians
8 Apr 7.6--7.8 Matrix multiplication, exponentiation
10 Apr HW2 due 7.8 Cryptography
15 Apr 8.1--8.4 Dynamic programming
17 Apr HW3 8.5--8.8 Applications of dynamic programming
22 Apr Passover --- no classes
24 Apr 9.1--9.4 Graphs and trees
29 Apr 9.5--9.6 Breadth-first search and Backtracking
1 May 11.1--11.4 Parallel computation
6 May I may be at a conference
8 May HW3 due reread 12.1--12.4 Catch up and review for final
15 May 10:30--12:30, Final Exam
18 May Commencement

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Dr. Stephen Bloch
Mon Jan 13 13:18:12 EST 1997