CSC 333 Calendar

Fall 2005

Date Assignment Reading Subject
30-Aug     Intro
1-Sep   1 Synthetic cameras, etc.
6-Sep   2.1-2.4 Writing an OpenGL program
8-Sep Exercise 1 2.5-2.10 Controlling the View
9-Sep Last day to add classes
13-Sep Homework 1 3.1-3.5 Hands-on practice; interaction
15-Sep   3.6-3.9 Event-handling in OpenGL
20-Sep   4.1-4.2 Points, vectors, scalars, and linear transforms, but no coordinates
22-Sep   4.3-4.8 Coordinate systems and frames; homogeneous coordinates
23-Sep Last day to drop classes
27-Sep   4.9-4.12 Conjugation for Fun and Profit
29-Sep Homework 2   The cube.c example, and what's wrong with it
4-Oct No classes
6-Oct   5.1-5.3 Viewing and Positioning
11-Oct   5.4-5.7 Projections, hidden surfaces, meshes
13-Oct No classes
18-Oct   5.8-5.10 Projections
20-Oct   6.1-6.3 Shading, light, reflection
25-Oct   6.4-6.6 Computations for shading
27-Oct   6.7-6.10 Lighting and shading in OpenGL
28-Oct Last day to withdraw from classes
1-Nov   TBA TBA
3-Nov   TBA TBA
8-Nov   TBA TBA
10-Nov   TBA TBA
15-Nov     Misc. topics from book
17-Nov     Misc. topics from book
22-Nov     Misc. topics from book
24-Nov Thanksgiving: no classes
29-Nov     2-D graphics in Java
1-Dec     Event handling in Java
6-Dec     3-D graphics in Java
8-Dec     Time and threads in Java
13-Dec Emergency/Study Day
15-Dec Catch up & review
22 Dec Final exam, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM

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