CSC 272
Software II

Principles of Programming Languages
aka Literate Programming
and Object-Oriented Programming
Spring, 1998

This course meets from 12:15-1:30 TTh, in room 39 (aka room 17) in the basement of the Business Building. Our textbook will be An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, by Timothy Budd, the same book we used last year. Other documentation will be provided on-line or in handouts. For example, see my brief tutorial on Scheme, the official Scheme Standard, my brief tutorial on Tiny CLOS, my List of Adages on Software Development and Design, and the Object Oriented Programming FAQ.

The syllabus is available in LaTeX, DVI, and Postscript.
An updated schedule will contain the latest updates to homework due dates, lecture topics, etc. Please check the schedule regularly and keep up on the assigned reading!

I also taught this course in Spring 1995, Spring 1996, and Spring 1997.

Homework Assignments

Reading Assignments

Please look at the Java example(s) I've posted on-line.
By Thursday, April 16, you should have read chapters 1-12 of the textbook.

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