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CSC 271 Fall 2011

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Note on reading assignments: Since I didn't specify any one specific textbook as required for this course, I've listed readings from several different sources: the "UNIX in a Nutshell" book, the Stroustrup book, the Weiss book, and various on-line tutorials. I don't expect you to read all of these for any particular topic, but for each topic, you should read about it from at least one source, and preferably two.

Date Assignment Reading Subject
Sep 01 Introduction; what's an OS? What's Unix? Where are we meeting?
Sep 06 Command-line vs. GUI; logging on; ls, date, passwd, man
Sep 08 cat, more, I/O redirection, pipes & filters, mv, cp, rm, mkdir, rmdir, cd, head, tail, sort, grep, tr
Sep 13 startup files, editing
Sep 13 Last day to add classes
Sep 15 Nutshell chaps. 1,3,4,7,9;
catch up
Sep 20 exercises using cut, wc, globbing
Sep 22 HW1; HW2 command-line shell features; environment variables; tee, find, backquote
Sep 27 processes and jobs
Sep 28 Last day to drop classes
Sep 29 HW1 due Nutshell chaps. 10, 11 the power of editing; sed, awk
Oct 04 Nutshell chap. 4;
UNIXhelp on shell scripts
shell scripting
Oct 06 catch up and review
Oct 11 HW2 due Weiss chaps. 0-1;
Stroustrup chaps. 1, 2;
Horstmann tutorial sections 3.1,3.2,3.5,3.7
C/C++: history & philosophy, promises; using a C++ compiler; I/O
Oct 13 Stroustrup chaps. 4,6,7;
UW tutorial lessons 1 and 2
C/C++: functions, parameter passing; C++ I/O
Oct 18 HW3 Functions and parameter passing in C++
Oct 20 Weiss chaps. 2, 11;
Stroustrup chap. 5;
Horstmann section 3.8
C/C++: arrays, C strings, and pointers
Oct 25 HW3 due; HW4 Stroustrup chap. 9 C/C++: separate compilation, header files, preprocessor
Oct 27 Nutshell chap. 16; Make tutorial make: managing compilation; version control
Nov 01 HW4 due Nutshell chap. 17; Weiss chap. 3 C/C++: memory management; gdb debugger
Nov 02 Last day to withdraw from classes
Nov 03 HW5 Weiss chap. 12 C/C++ in Unix: command line arguments and environment variables
Nov 08 HW6 C/C++ in Unix: system calls
Nov 10 HW5 due; HW7 Weiss chap. 4;
Stroustrup chap. 10;
Horstmann sections 3.3, 3.4;
UW lessons 3 and 4
C/C++: classes, constructors, destructors, etc.
Nov 15 Weiss chap. 5;
Stroustrup chap. 11;
UW lesson 5
C/C++: operator overloading
Nov 17 HW6 due Weiss chap. 6;
Stroustrup chap. 12
C/C++: inheritance and polymorphism
Nov 22 HW7 due; HW8 Weiss chaps. 7, 8; Stroustrup chaps. 13, 14 C/C++: templates and exceptions
Nov 24 Thanksgiving; no classes
Nov 29 HW9 lex/flex: a domain-specific language for scanning simple syntax
Dec 01 yacc/bison: a DSL for hierarchical syntax
Dec 06 HW8 due catch up and review
Dec 08 review for final exam
Dec 13 HW9 due Make-up day (in case of missed classes)
Dec 20 271 final exam, 10:30-12:30