CSC 271

Assignment Assigned Due Subject
HW1 Sept 22 Sept 29 Demonstrate your Unix proficiency in my office
HW2 Sept 22 Oct 11 Building commands and shell scripts
HW3 Oct 18 Oct 25 C++ programming: I/O, declarations, loops, conditionals, functions
HW4 Oct 26 Nov 1 C++ programming: arrays, C strings, separate compilation, preprocessor
HW5 Nov 4 Nov 10 C++ programming: pointers, memory management, debugging
HW6 Nov 8 Nov 17 Writing a simple command-line shell
HW7 Nov 10 Nov 22 C++ programming: Defining classes and methods, overloading operators
HW8 Nov 22 Dec 6 C++ programming: inheritance and polymorphism, complex data structures, templates, exceptions
HW9 Nov 29 Dec 13 Using flex and bison; improving your shell

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