CSC 271
Software I

Utilities and Internals
Instructor: Dr. Stephen Bloch
Fall, 2008

The rest of this page is copied from the last time I taught the course; many of the links don't work yet, but they will Real Soon Now!

Syllabus Calendar Assignments Examples

This course meets from 11:00-11:50 AM in Science 227.

We'll use two or three textbooks for this course, as well as a lot of online documentation and some handouts.

All three books have been ordered through the University Bookstore, but you can probably get them for significantly less money somewhere else.

My office hours are MTTh 1:00-2:15, W 10:00-12:00, and other times by appointment.

I taught this course in Fall 1994, Fall 1995, Fall 1996, Fall 1997, Fall 2005, and Fall 2007 as well, and some information and handouts are still available from those classes.

Reading assignments

The calendar lists what chapters of what textbook are relevant to which class meetings.

In the Unix Power Tools book, the first few "articles" in each chapter are usually the basic stuff you have to know, while the later "articles" in the same chapter are advanced or obscure stuff. So although I may have assigned, say, chapters 10, 12, and 14 to read for a particular day, you really only need to read the first half (or so) of each of those three chapters. Look at the "article" titles and read the ones that look interesting. This book wasn't intended to be read sequentially, from beginning to end, so follow your nose. Anyway, by the end of the semester I'd like you to have read and understood at least half of the textbook.

Later in the semester, we'll switch to the C in a Nutshell textbook. Since you're all also in CSC 270 and will therefore have already seen C++, much of this will be review; you should be able to read through this book fairly quickly, watching for things that are different from C++ or Java.

On-line documentation for Unix commands

On-line documentation for programming tools

On-line documentation for C library functions

C high-level I/O

C string and environment manipulation

Low-level Unix system calls

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