CSC 270 Fall 2011 Calendar

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Date Assignment Reading Subject
Sep 01 Introduction; languages & paradigms; history
Sep 06 Grammar rules; HtDP2e chap. 1 Scheme/Racket: history & philosophy; typed data; defining variables & functions; conditionals
Sep 08 HtDP2e chap. 2 Scheme/Racket: type-checking, structures
Sep 13 HW1 on-line help predefined structures
Sep 13 Last day to add classes
Sep 15 choose language to present practice working with predefined structures
Sep 20 HW1 due PLAI chaps. 0-3 define-struct, contracts, define-type, type-case
Sep 22 HW2; Project 1 PP chaps. 22-25 Scheme/Racket: lists, trees, naturals and recursion
Sep 27 PP chaps. 27-28 Scheme/Racket: Local definitions, closures, higher-order functions
Sep 28 Last day to drop classes
Sep 29 PP chaps. 29-31 Scheme/Racket: I/O, sequence, and mutation
Oct 04 HW2 due PLAI chaps. 4-5 Implementing functions
Oct 06 Progress report on presentation;
Project 1 due; HW3
Discuss projects & presentations;
Ruby: history & philosophy
Oct 11 HW4; Project 2 Ruby in 20 Minutes;
Ruby Learning Tutorial
Ruby: defining functions; basic data types (numbers, strings, arrays, hashes)
Oct 13 HW3 due Ruby: I/O, conditionals, defining methods
Oct 18 Ruby from Other Languages;
Ruby from Java
Ruby: iterators (map, select, reject, each)
Oct 20 HW4 due Ruby: defining classes and methods
Oct 25 HW5 Ruby: classes and methods; writing higher-order functions
Oct 27 Ruby: TBA
Nov 01 Project 2 due; Project 3 PLAI chap. 6 Implementing first-class functions
Nov 02 Last day to withdraw from classes
Nov 03 AiP chaps. 1-3 Prolog: history & philosophy; variables & predicates
Nov 08 Project 2 and HW5 due; HW6 AiP chaps. 4-5 Prolog: defining new rules
Nov 10 AiP chaps. 6-8 Prolog: arithmetic, the rulebase, and recursion
Nov 15 AiP chaps. 9-10 Prolog: structures and unification
Nov 17 HW6 due; HW7 AiP chaps. 11-13 Prolog: lists, operators, and cut
Nov 22 AiP chaps. 14-15 Prolog: control structures and NLP
Nov 24 Thanksgiving; no classes
Nov 29 In-class presentations
Dec 01 In-class presentations
Dec 06 In-class presentations
Dec 08 Project 3 and ALL homework due Catch up and review
Dec 13 Make-up day (in case of missed classes)
Dec 15 270 final exam, 10:30-12:30