CSC 270

Assignment Assigned Due Subject
HW1 Sept 13 Sept 20 Function definition, conditionals, predefined structs in Racket.
HW2 Sept 22 Oct 4 Defining structs, polymorphism, lists, trees, and recursion in Scheme
Project 1 Sept 22 Oct 6 Interpreting a little bit of Scheme
HW3 Oct 6 Oct 13 Local definitions, higher-order functions, mutation, I/O, and sequence in Scheme
Project 2 Oct 11 Nov 1 Nov 8 Expanding the interpreter
HW4 Oct 11 Oct 20 Operators, declarations, control structures, functions, classes, and methods in Ruby
HW5 Oct 25 Nov 8 Defining classes, methods, working with arrays, and writing higher-order functions in Ruby
Project 3 Nov 2 Dec 8 First-class functions
HW6 Nov 8 Nov 17 Facts, rules, and arithmetic in Prolog
HW7 Nov 17 Dec 8 Rulebase state, recursion, structures, lists, cut, and difference lists in Prolog

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