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CSC 270, Fall 2007

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Date Reading Subject
27-Aug   Introduction, languages & paradigms, Eclipse, homework
29-Aug timeline Early history of programming languages
3-Sep Labor Day; no classes
5-Sep   More history of programming languages
7-Sep Last day to add classes
10-Sep Stroustrup ch. 1,4 C++: history & philosophy; types and operators, declarations, I/O
12-Sep Stroustrup ch. 2,9 Using a C++ compiler; header files, separate compilation, function prototypes
17-Sep Stroustrup ch. 3, 5 C++: pointers, references, arrays, structures
19-Sep Stroustrup ch. 6 C++: expressions, statements, memory allocation & deallocation, memory leaks and dangling references
21-Sep Last day to drop classes
24-Sep Stroustrup ch. 7 C++: functions; parameter passing by value, by address, by reference
26-Sep Stroustrup ch. 8,14 C++: namespaces and exceptions
1-Oct Stroustrup ch. 10 C++: classes, data members, member functions, constructors, destructors
3-Oct Stroustrup ch. 12 C++: inheritance, composition, polymorphism, and overriding
8-Oct Stroustrup ch. 15 C++: practice with inheritance and polymorphism
10-Oct Stroustrup ch. 11 C++: overloading "<<" and ">>" and other operators
15-Oct Stroustrup ch. 13 C++: templates and generic programming
17-Oct   C++: catch up and review
22-Oct HtDP ch. 2-4 Scheme: history & philosophy; typed data; defining variables & functions
24-Oct HtDP ch. 6-7 Scheme: conditionals, type-checking, structures, inheritance, polymorphism
26-Oct Last day to withdraw from classes
29-Oct   Practice writing functions involving structures
31-Oct HtDP ch. 9-10 Scheme: lists and recursion thereon; trees?
5-Nov HtDP ch. 18 Scheme: practice with lists & trees; local definitions
7-Nov HtDP ch. 19-22 Scheme: higher-order functions, lambda
12-Nov HtDP 34-36 Scheme: mutation, I/O, sequential programming, vectors, iteration
14-Nov Adventure in Prolog ch. 1-6 Prolog: history & philosophy; variables & predicates; arithmetic; defining rules
19-Nov Practice defining rules in Prolog
21-Nov Thanksgiving; no classes
26-Nov Adventure in Prolog ch. 8 Prolog: recursion
28-Nov Adventure in Prolog ch. 9-11 Prolog: structures and lists
3-Dec Adventure in Prolog ch. 13-15 Prolog: cut, programming tricks, difference lists
5-Dec Prolog: catch up & review
10-Dec Make-up day
12-Dec   General: catch up & review
17-Dec Final exam, 3:30-5:30 PM

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