CSC 270 Calendar

Fall 2005

Date Reading Notes Subject
30-Aug     Introduction, languages & paradigms, Eclipse, homework
1-Sep Sebesta 1.1-2.7; timeline   Early history of programming languages
6-Sep Sebesta 2.8-2.20   More history of programming languages
8-Sep Sebesta 3   Defining syntax & semantics precisely; BNF, box diagrams
9-Sep Last day to add classes
13-Sep     The C language: types and operators; I/O and pointers
15-Sep     Using MVC; using gcc from command line; command-line args
20-Sep     Header files, separate compilation, function prototypes, #define, #ifndef/#endif
22-Sep     C: arrays vs. pointers, memory allocation, memory leaks, dangling pointers
23-Sep Last day to drop classes
27-Sep     C: file I/O; arrays of pointers, multi-dimensional arrays
29-Sep     C: enums, structs, unions, typedefs
4-Oct No classes
6-Oct     C++: history & philosophy, I/O, declarations, strings, consts, references, default parameters, new/dispose
11-Oct     C++: classes, data members, member functions, and constructors
13-Oct No classes
18-Oct     C++: inheritance, composition, polymorphism, and overriding
20-Oct Sebesta 14.3   C++: overloading "<<" and ">>"; const member functions; try/catch, assert
25-Oct     Java: history & philosophy; primitive vs. class types; Strings and arrays; memory & garbage collection
27-Oct Sebesta 12.6, 14.4   Java: classes, invoking superclass, abstract classes & interfaces; I/O, try/catch, file & network I/O
28-Oct Last day to withdraw from classes
1-Nov   Java: abstract classes & interfaces; I/O, try/catch, file & network I/O
3-Nov Sebesta 13.1-13.3, 13.7, applet examples, Sun tutorial on threads   Java: GUI components, Listeners, multithreading
8-Nov Sebesta 15; HtDP 2-5   Scheme: history & philosophy; typed data; defining variables & functions
10-Nov HtDP 2-5   Conditionals, Boolean functions, and type-testing  
15-Nov HtDP chapters 6 and 18   Structures, (polymorphism), (inheritance), local variables
17-Nov HtDP 9-10   Scheme: lists and recursion thereon
22-Nov HtDP 19-22 Notes in PowerPoint, PDF, and Scheme Scheme: higher-order functions, lambda (oh, and by the way, assignment statements, I/O, sequence, and loops)
24-Nov Thanksgiving; no classes
29-Nov Sebesta 16;
Adventure in Prolog 1-6
  Prolog: history & philosophy; variables & predicates; arithmetic; defining rules
1-Dec Adventure 7-8   Prolog: recursion
6-Dec Adventure 9-11   Prolog: structures and lists
8-Dec Adventure 12-15   Prolog: cut, programming tricks, difference lists
13-Dec     Catch up and review
15-Dec     Catch up and review
20-Dec Final Exam, 1:00-3:00 PM

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