CSC 233 Spring 2009
Calendar of Topics

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Date Assignment Reading Subject
Jan 27 HW1 Intro; qualities of user interfaces; design patterns
Jan 29 DI 1 Kinds of users and what they want
Feb 03 PJUI 1 Scenarios, view sketches, state diagrams, data elements
Feb 05 HW1 due; HW2a PJUI 2 modes, input styles, homework; using svn?
Feb 09 Last day to add classes
Feb 10 Getting Started with Swing;
start on Using Swing Components
Java review; using Swing; some simple components
Feb 12 model/view architecture; more components
Feb 17 HW2a due; HW2b Laying Out Components layout managers
Feb 19 Event Handling writing event listeners; visit from high school students
Feb 23 Last day to drop classes
Feb 24 Timer examples Model/View separation, event handlers, timers, the Observer pattern
Feb 26 Misc. technical issues with homework
Mar 03 DI 2-3 Organizing and navigating content
Mar 05 HW2b due; HW2c DI 4 Page layout
Mar 10 DI 5 Controls and control feedback
Mar 12 HW2c due; HW3a DI 6 Displaying complex data
March 14 Spring break
March 22
Mar 24 PJUI 3-5 Java issues
Mar 26 PJUI 6-7 More Java and OOP issues
Mar 30 Last day to withdraw from classes
Mar 31 HW3a due; HW3b in-class presentations
Apr 02 in-class presentations
Apr 07 JTable tutorial JTable; in-class presentations
Apr 09 Threads tutorial Threads and concurrency in Java
Apr 14 Threads in Swing tutorial Threads and concurrency in Swing
Apr 16 DI 7-8 Forms and editors
Apr 21 DI 9 Visual style
Apr 23 No class; I'm out of town at a conference
Apr 28 HW3b due; HW3c in-class presentations
Apr 30 HW4
May 05
May 07 HW3c and HW4 due catch up and review for final exam
May 19 233 final exam, 1:00-3:00 PM