CSC 174
Computer Organization and Assembler Language

Instructor: Dr. Stephen Bloch
Fall, 1998

This course meets from 3:05-4:20 PM TTh in Business 39. The textbook will be A Programmer's View of Computer Architecture, by James Goodman and Karen Miller. It comes with a software package named SPIMSAL, which simulates a MIPS RISC computer at the assembly-language level. If you don't understand or don't like my explanations of things, take a look at the University of Wisconsin's page on a similar course, including homework assignments, exams, and lecture notes from Karen Miller, one of our textbook authors.

The syllabus is available in LaTeX, DVI, Postscript, and HTML.

A schedule of lectures tells what I plan to talk about, and what I expect you to have read, by each class meeting.

Homework assignments

Homework 1 assigned 11 Sept, due 1 Oct
Homework 2 assigned 6 Oct, due 15 Oct
Homework 3 assigned 20 Oct, due 5 Nov
Homework 4 assigned 10 Nov, due 24 Nov
Homework 5 assigned 1 Dec, due 15 Dec

Reading assignments

By Tuesday, 8 Dec, you should have read through chapter 9 of the Goodman & Miller textbook, as well as some of man spim and man xspim.

In addition, please read the MIPS assembly language examples I've written for you.

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