CSC 172
Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

Spring, 1999

Introduction to the course

including meeting time and place, textbooks, etc.

The syllabus

is available in LaTeX, DVI, and Postscript.


An updated schedule will contain the latest updates to homework due dates, lecture topics, etc. Please check the schedule regularly and keep up on the assigned reading!

Homework Assignments

I'll try to give a homework assignment every week, due the following week. This means they'll have to be pretty short, becoming more ambitious and building on one another as the semester progresses.


Reading Assignments


For further information

Scheme and functional programming
Java and OOP
HTML and Web-site authoring (Warning: you can easily spend much too much time on this, considering it'll all be obsolete in a year or two!)
Using the Adelphi computer systems
The Adelphi Help Desk page
Computing in general

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