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This class meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:40-2:55 PM in Science 236. Our final exam will be from 1:00-3:00 PM, in the same room, on Thursday, Dec. 20. If you have a problem with these scheduled dates and times, let me know at least two weeks in advance so we can make suitable arrangements.

All dates in the following schedule are tentative, except those fixed by the University; if some topic listed here as taking one lecture in fact takes two lectures to cover adequately, or vice versa, the schedule will shift.

In the column marked ``Reading'', all page numbers are in the ``Walls and Mirrors'' book unless stated otherwise. Remember, I also expect you to read through most of the Humphrey book, and look up individual language topics in the Stroustrup book, as necessary.

I expect you to have read the reading assignments before the lecture that deals with that topic. This way I can concentrate my time on answering questions and clarifying subtle or difficult points in the textbook, rather than on reading the textbook to you, which will bore both of us. Please read ahead!

When I say ``read'' above, I mean an active process, involving not only the textbook but pencil, scratch paper, and a notebook for writing down key points. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you'll need a computer for trying out the new ideas you find in your reading. Just as you cannot learn to drive a car or to cook just by reading about it, you cannot learn about programming just by reading about it. In short, every time you read about a new programming idea, try it!

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