Design Recipes and Syntax Rules

Note: These design recipes were written for my CSC 171/172 class in 1998-1999; some details (e.g. references to CodeWarrior, or specific code examples) will change for this year.

Design Recipe for Object-Oriented Programs
A good place to start if you have an assignment and no existing code to start with.
Design Recipe for Java Classes
How to design and write an individual class (part of the above recipe).
Design Recipe for Java Methods
How to design and write a single method in a single class.
Designing and Testing
Another way of thinking about the task of designing, coding, and testing an entire program.

Other reference material

Self-test based on Quiz 2
Most of you did so poorly on Quiz 2 that I conclude that I obviously didn't explain these syntax rules adequately in class. Here's a step-by-step solution to the quiz, pointing out the relevant syntax rules and pitfalls along the way. Not finished yet, but....
The Structure of Java Programs
Where classes, variable declarations, method headers and bodies belong in a Java source file. (Note: this is "Swedish" knowledge, as opposed to the more fundamental principles in the design recipes above, but you still need it in order to write Java programs.)
How do I declare a variable?
Discusses the differences among local, instance, and parameter variables, and how to declare each one.

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