CSC 170
Introduction to Computers and their Applications

Spring, 2003



Homework Assignments

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Getting Help

My office hours (in Alumnae Hall 113A; if I'm not there, look around the corner in 112) are Monday 12:00-2:00, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-12:00.


The main textbook for this class is Using Information Technology, by Sawyer & Williams; later in the semester we'll switch to Learning Web Design by Jennifer Niederst. Both books are in the bookstore as of Jan. 22.

Who should take this course?

This course is for people who want to learn how to use computers for word processing, number processing (spreadsheets), databases, e-mail, Web browsing, etc. If you are (or are considering being) a math or computer science major, you'll need to take one or more programming courses like CSC 160 or CSC 171 (ask me for advice on which). If you are a Computer and Management Information Systems major, you need both this course and some programming courses. For General Education requirements, this course counts as a Second Competency but not as a Math/Science Distribution course.

Some Suggested Reading

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