CSC 160
Computer Programming for Non-Majors

Spring, 2012

Student Survey

I'd like to get an idea of the background and experience of the students in my class. Please answer the following questions so I can learn what experience you have with computers (if any) and what you expect from the course. Your answers will be used only for planning and evaluating the course, and will be kept strictly confidential.
By the way, these forms are interpreted by a CGI script written in Scheme, and I analyze the data using another Scheme program.


Email address, if you already have one:

How many computer science courses do you expect to take, including this one? (A CS major requires 14 courses, a CS minor 7, and some other Adelphi programs require one or two.)

Do you have a computer at home? If so, what kind?

Have you taken any computer courses before? If so, what subject (e.g. "using word processors and spreadsheets", "writing Web pages", "Visual BASIC programming", etc.)?

For each of the following kinds of computer software, please indicate how comfortable you are with it:
Word processor or text editor:
Database program:
Spreadsheet program:
Drawing or painting program:
Windows (95, 98, NT, whatever):
Unix (or Linux or whatever):
Electronic mail ("email"):
Internet relay chat ("IRC") or instant messenger:
Usenet or other bulletin board system ("BBS"):
Web browser (e.g. Netscape or Internet Explorer):
Web page authoring program (e.g. FrontPage, PageMill, Netscape Composer, Dream Weaver):
"Raw" HTML:
A programming language (see next question):
If you have some experience in a programming language, which one(s)?

What do you hope to get out of this course?

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