CSC 160 Fall 2011 Calendar

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Date Assignment Reading Subject
Sep 01 HW1 Administrivia, DrScheme, pictures, expressions
Sep 06 chaps. 0-2 manipulating pictures; defining variables
Sep 08 chap. 3 more things to do with pictures; RGB colors
Sep 13 HW2 chap. 4 Defining functions
Sep 13 Last day to add classes
Sep 15 Q1 chap. 5; Pair Programming The design recipe, pair programming, error tracking
Sep 20 HW1 due chap. 6 Animations
Sep 22 practice with functions & animations
Sep 27 HW2 due; HW3 chap. 7 Numbers and arithmetic
Sep 28 Last day to drop classes
Sep 29 Q2 Discuss quiz, arithmetic, and animations
Oct 04 HW2 returned;
invitation to re-write and re-submit it by next Tuesday
chaps. 4,5 Review defining functions
Oct 06 Q3 chap. 5 The design recipe (revisited)
Oct 11 HW2 resubmission due chap. 6 Writing animations (revisited): big-bang and tick handlers
Oct 13 chap. 6 Writing animations: draw, key, and mouse handlers
Oct 18 chap. 7 Arithmetic, building images pixel by pixel, and randomness
Oct 20 HW3 due chap. 7 Building images pixel by pixel
Oct 25 HW4 chap. 8 Animations with numeric models
Oct 27 Q4 chaps. 9-10 Strings and animations using them
Nov 01 HW4 due; HW5 chap. 11 Function re-use
Nov 02 Last day to withdraw from classes
Nov 03 chaps. 12-14 Booleans and animations using them
Nov 08 Stopping an animation
Nov 10 Q5; HW5 due; HW6 chap. 15 Making decisions
Nov 15
Nov 17 Review writing animations
Nov 22 HW6 due; HW7 chaps. 15,17-18 Review conditionals; using conditionals in animations
Nov 24 Thanksgiving; no classes
Nov 29 HW8; extra credit HW9 chap. 20 Using structures: positions and colors
Dec 01
Dec 06 HW7 due chap. 21 Inventing new structures
Dec 08 HW8 due catch up and review
Dec 13 extra credit HW9 due Make-up day
Dec 20 160 final exam, 1:00-3:00 PM