The Tiles and SB-World Teachpacks

These teachpacks provide a variety of functions for manipulating and animating graphical images. To use them, you'll need to

By the way, there are more up-to-date versions of these teachpacks, somewhat easier to install and use, but the following directions are for the versions installed in our classroom.

To download and install

This should be done once on your home computer, and you'll never have to do it again. You shouldn't need to do this at all on a classroom computer.

  1. Right-click on this link) and choose "Save Link" (or the equivalent on your browser). Save the file someplace like the desktop; we'll clean that up later.
    Do the same with this link.
  2. Start DrScheme.
  3. If it doesn't say "Language: Beginning Student", go to the "Language" menu, then "Choose Language", then "How to Design Programs", then select "Beginning Student". Click the "Run" button.
  4. If it says anything about "Teachpacks" on the line below "Language: Beginning Student", go to the "Language" menu and "Clear All Teachpacks". Click "Run".
  5. Go to the "Language" menu, "Add Teachpack", then "Add Teachpack to List", then browse to wherever you put the two files. Double-click one of them and click "OK".
  6. Repeat the previous step with the other file.
  7. Click "Run". You should see something like
    Welcome to DrScheme, version 4.1 [3m].
    Language: Beginning Student custom.
    Teachpacks: and
    If the two teachpacks are listed in the other order, that doesn't matter.
  8. You should now be able to delete the two files from the desktop or wherever you put them.

To load in DrScheme

When you start DrScheme, you can tell it you want to use these added functions, and it'll remember that for the next time you start DrScheme on the same computer... unless somebody else using the same computer tells it not to use this teachpack, in which case you'll need to go through these steps again.

Go to the "Language" menu in DrScheme and choose "Add Teachpack", and you should see both and on the right-hand side. Click one of these, then "OK". Repeat with the other teachpack. Click the "Run" button. You should see a message saying "Teachpack: and" in the interactions window. The next time you start DrScheme, it should remember this unless you choose "Language->Clear Teachpack" to remove the teachpack.

What do they do?

You can copy-and-paste images from a Web browser into DrScheme and use them just like any other value: you can store them in a variable, etc.

The teachpack

includes several useful functions for manipulating images:

The teachpack also includes the teachpack (which comes standard with DrScheme, so you don't need to worry about installing it). This provides a variety of other functions useful for building and manipulating images in DrScheme. To learn about them, start DrScheme, choose "Help -> Help Desk", and search for "".

The teachpack

provides several functions related to animation:

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