CSC 160 Daily Survey

Please fill out this form from time to time -- ideally, at the end of each each day's class. This is a convenient way for me to keep track, day by day, of what my students are "getting" and what they're not. Your answers to these questions have no impact on your grade (indeed, you're not required to give your name); please be as honest as possible so I can discover and remedy misunderstandings quickly.

What key concepts did we cover today?
(A few words will suffice, but please use your own words instead of copying phrases out of your notes, so I can tell whether you've understood them correctly.)

Which of these concepts did you find especially clear?
Which of these concepts did you find especially unclear?
Did you feel comfortable writing today's programs? Comments:
Yes Sort of No
Any other comments?
If you wish, you can sign your name (optional but helpful).
Should I read your answers to this survey?