The next talk in the Colloquium Series is:

Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Speaker: Prof. John McCleary
Department of Mathematics
Vassar College
Email: mccleary AT vassar DOT edu
Title: Max Dehn and Hilbert's Third Problem
Abstract: After finishing a thesis on the foundations of geometry under Hilbert, Max Dehn tackled Hilbert's Third Problem. This problem asks for an evaluation of the effectiveness of scissors congruence as a theory of volume of polytopes in space. The problem was not unknown at the time, and Dehn refers to two papers in his solution. In this talk I will discuss the problem of scissors congruence, the run up to Dehn's solution and its impact. This project is part of a book length evaluation of Dehn's life and career led by Marjorie Senechal and David Rowe. I will mention some further bits of Dehn's career to whet your appetite for the project.