Annette Walter on Scheme and algebra

Middle school math teacher Annette Walter responded to Andrew Scoby's letter as follows:
I would like to give you my personal testimony of teaching a class that does not currently possess the knowledge or sophistication of Jamie's student. In January, I started teaching my eighth grade class. This is the first programming experience for all of them. They are all in an Honors Algebra I course this year.

I have found Dr. Scheme, your curriculum and Algebra I complement one another. My students are currently writing programs to solve their algebra problems outside of class. In fact, they cannot wait to come to class to find out what they will learn next! I have had to distribute the notes lesson by lesson since most of them would work way ahead of the others.

I have had rave reviews from every single parent who has a child in my class. This class is making them think and problem solve. This group of kids have bonded together to try not only to figure out the solution to a program, but are paying close attention to the design! I have never taught a programming class where there was so much enthusiasm involved!

I would like to personally thank you and your group for coming up with an idea so awesome that middle school students are reinforcing their algebra skills, sharpening their problem solving skills, and learning the process of good program design from your design recipe! ...


Annette Walter
Bay Area Christian School
League City, Texas

Stephen Bloch /