"My female students would be more interested in this than in C++, increasing female enrollment."

---teacher with C++ and Visual Basic experience

[Two weeks after taking our workshop:] "I'm taking the AP C++ seminar offered at UTD this week. It really doesn't hold a candle to DrScheme in ease of use. After one day, the only thing we were able to do was animate a fish!"

---teacher from Dallas, TX

"[Having attended this workshop] I will need to totally rethink how I teach computer science."

---teacher from Diamond Bar, CA

"This has been an enlightening experience. I am blown away by the fact that all these people can be taught all these concepts and make very substantial programs in 5 days."

---teacher from Newport, RI

"You learn, you think, you learn how to think. [...] [G]oals were exceeded far beyond my expectations."

---teacher from Midlothian, TX

"Good to see a university staff interested in teaching and who cares about their audience."

---teacher from Silver Spring, MD

"I was pleased with the quality of the workshop and impressed and delighted with the enthusiasm of the instructors (and their sense of humor)."

---teacher from Denver, CO

"It is the most valuable professional development I've had — no kidding."

---teacher from Santa Monica, CA

"Great introductory course so students can understand structure/syntax almost imediately and write code ON THE FIRST DAY!"

---an AP CS teacher

"The combination of material appears stronger than any C++-based programs I have considered [...] After a week Scheme appears to be a more accessible intro language than C++, and I'd like my class to appeal to a broader audience."

---teacher from Evanston, IL

"I have a problem with diving kids into C++ with no prior knowledge. I see Scheme fitting in as a beginning course."

---a teacher Louisville, KY

"[I]t would be wonderful to be able to offer a workshop strictly for math teachers, specifically algebra teachers. I believe it would open up a whole new approach to teaching mathematics. From that the domino effect should occur spilling over into all areas of the students academic, and non-academic life. The problem solving skills developed from Scheme become habit (for lack of a better word). The student can not only master mathematics (which in itself is a major accomplishment), he/she can master the liberal arts, sports, auto mechanics, cooking, business, as a result of the design recipe [developed in this curriculum]."

---a math teacher from New London, TX

"This is the coolest thing in my professional life in a number of years. Thanks."

---a teacher from Marble Falls, TX

"I NEVER thought I was capable of understanding this depth of computer science, a credit to the instructors."

---a math teacher from Williamsville, NY

"Talk about service and support! *Extendable* excercises for the first week, created as we are flying home! You are an awesome group. [...] Thank you all again for a wonderful week (or perhaps I should say, an exponentially exciting 4 days, starting from my first aha! on Wednesday). Still on a contentment high. I am eager to give this brain-stretching to my kids in the fall [...]"

--a teacher from Akron, Ohio

"Hope the 2nd workshop goes as well. I spent three nights `dreaming in Scheme' after leaving Houston."

--a teacher from Peoria, Arizona

"I arrived home last night after traveling for 15 hours. Surprisingly, I didn't sleep very well - I was attempting to design a program [...] in my sleep. Don't try this at home!"

--a teacher Lihue, Hawaii

"I want you to know that I learned more in one week from the TeachScheme workshop than I learned in any of my previous computer science OR education courses. [...] I believe that the workshop taught me how to TEACH computer science, no matter what language I may teach."

--a teacher from Charlestown, Massachusetts

"Thanks! I'm still on a kind of high from my week [at Rice]. Implementing the last project (the pseudo-interpreter) blew me away. It still seems that there was no possible way we could have done that after only four days of instruction. Yet, it happened, and doing it was one of the best feelings I've ever had in any class. I can only imagine how excited students must get when they experience this level of success and more. I've told some of my friends that I think I learned more about problem solving via programming in one week than in two semesters of intro CS courses at [college]."

-- Jamie Raymond, Kansas

"The workshop was very enlightening about teaching beginning programmers without having to worry about I/O, syntax, and other areas [of] C++ and Pascal ... You have opened my eyes to what is really important to those kids."

-- Anonymous, with experience in Ada, C++, Fortran, Pascal and PL/I

"I was becoming disillusioned with teaching programming. I felt that C++, and even Pascal, caused such frustration with students because of its complexity. I often considered going back to Basic because of the bad experiences of students. I was unaware of Scheme and a different approach. I now feel like there is hope! Thanks!"

-- Anonymous, with experience in Ada, Basic, Cobol, C++, Fortran, Pascal and SQL

"My classes at [university] were not problem solving classes like this---I wish they had been."

-- Anonymous

"[The workshop] has challenged me more than any other teacher's workshop I've ever been to. Thanks!"

-- Charley Williams, Chicago

"[The workshop] not only opened my eyes to the nature of computing, but also enabled me to see a glimpse of the beauty inherent in this discipline. It was a pleasure to sit in lecture and in lab."

-- Mark Tish, Houston

"C++ should be called C-- [...] this is way cooooooooool!"


"I am dying to teach this kind of course."

-- Ted Findler, Washington, DC

"I now understand that the choice of language used to teaching beginning computing class greatly affects what students will and can get out of the class."

-- Shireen Dadmehr, New Jersey

"I have taught syntax, not problem solving."

-- Anonymous, with experience in C++ and Pascal

"I think that fifth grade students could learn this material."

-- Mark Tish, Houston

"I am confident that [teaching] Scheme is the right move for us to make."

-- Michael Hunt, Houston

"I truly enjoyed the mathematical approach ... I look forward to using Scheme [to teach problem-solving.]"

-- Lee Cain, Fort Bend