Evaluations from Guillaume Marceau

Here at IIITM-K, Trivandrum, India, the semester is almost over. The course evaluation forms are in and the results are pretty great. I have received three "great!," four "awesome," and one student even said "We never seen such a good instructor in our life." I'm touched.

Here is a selection of comments that referred to Scheme or to the Design Recipe:

I would like to extends my superlative thanks to all of you, Matthias, Shriram, Matt and Robby, and everyone on the PLT family for creating such a fantastic course. All my students' praise belongs to you.

I would also like to thank Stephen Bloch. Without his book and without the quality exercises within, this course would not have had the happy ending that it is receiving now.

Guillaume Marceau
Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

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