Comments from high school students

The TeachScheme! approach has been used at a number of high schools. To assess the results, students have been surveyed at the end of the term. Here are three randomly-chosen comments:
[female, senior]:
Scheme really helped a lot with my mathematicals and computer science skills. It taught me how to really manage and take advantage of my time during class.I taught Scheme is a better understandable program, better than C++.I did not have a real hard time understanding it as I did with C++. I really want to congratulate the person who designed this program for developing such a great language that every kid in computer science enjoys!! =-] ")
[female, sophomore]
The Sceme method was A LOT more easier to learn. I learned it in 2 days, while it took me a whole semester to learn C++. In Sceme, writing a prgram is MUCH simpler. You don't have to do as much. Its a little wierd, because i havent learned it all though. I dont know how to output things besides numbers. All in all, scheme was a lot simpler than c++ and it let me understand program writing better. It helped me understand what the program was doing. Thanx, Amy =)")
[male, junior]
Hi, The sceme method was ALOT more easier to understand, BUT it wasnt like was rather a math program...not a code writing program...because most languages will make a .exe file that can run from n-e where to me sceme was more of a math program...

also sceme would be better if like main words(define , cond...ect) would highlight in dif color like C++(void,char,int)

Thank you

Program director Matthias Felleisen adds:
They are all from a low-income school with a mix of whites, Vietnamese, and Hispanics. The last person clearly didn't use "Syntax Check" and he wouldn't be able to tell that C++ IDE's only approximate the coloring because their on-line syntax coloring algorithm is a heuristic.

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