Student Kevin DeVocht on the design recipe

Jay McCarthy's student Kevin Devocht wrote, in an end-of-term essay:

Through-out this course we have been nicely asked, gently nudged and at times forcibly pushed to use the design process. I will admit that I have stubbornly resisted and avoided using it as much as possible. There really is no reason why I have spent so much energy avoiding using this helpful tool. I would find myself trying to complete an assignment and thinking that I did not have time to implement the design process as showed in class. I would then go on to spend hours trying to do it my way and in the end /break down/ and use the design process.

Towards the end of the semester I began to see the use and benefits of using the design process. I think one of the things that helped was having problems that I was unable to figure out in my head. Also I began to use the design process to help me rather than just put it in my program because it was required. The funny thing was, once I began actually using it to benefit me, it became very helpful. This whole semester I have thought of it as the programing design process but once I sat down to write this assignment I realized a better title would be the problem solving design process.

Stephen Bloch /